Friday, March 1, 2013

Paper Crafts from Magazines

I always like to think that I came out of my mother's belly with a tote bag and inside of it there were; scissors, magazines, glue, pens and paper. It has been my outlet ever since I can remember. Cutting and pasting is one of the things I love doing the most!
And if it can be combined with my love of writing letters even better.

These ones (above and below) are envelopes that I did 9 years ago. Just cutting things from magazines and putting them together to make the back part of the envelope look nice. Some I did send, this ones I've kept!! And the ones I did send, arrived in perfect condition!

These ones here (above and below) are some small projects I've done mostly on sundays, mostly when the little one is sleeping his afternoon nap. The tags above were done with a calendar from 2012 included in Mollie Makes magazine. The images which are Byfryd, were too pretty to throw! Great as tuck-ins for your pen pals.

These mini badges were made using washi-tape and paper from Flow magazine. They look nice as adornments for gifts, also on stationery.

Wishing you a crafty weekend.


  1. CREATIVIDAD!!!!! Si. Se toman muchas ideas pero......... EL GUSTO DE MEZCLAR COLORES Y TRABAJOS ES UNICO Y PERSONAL......... bien aprovechado el TIEMPO DE LA "SIESTA" ademas!!!!!!!!!

    1. el tiempo de la siesta debiera ser para descansar del que toma la siesta, jaja!


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