Monday, February 25, 2013

Crafty People Series #9 - Heartfish Press

I'm so happy to show you a bit of  Hijiri's work today. After I knew I would be in NYC for a few days I just had to get in touch with her (I've been a follower of her blog, an admirer of her work and I also own one of her prints). 
After talking to her and looking at her studio you can tell how happy working with this art form makes her, which in turn radiates in all of her work. Beautiful letter-pressed prints and cards with just words or phrases on them to make your world a bit better! As you know I love words, they inspire me, they keep me happy, this is why I found her work so great. Here she is.

1. First crafty memory?
    When I was little I was into stuffed animals. In Japan they sell kits to make all sorts of stuffed
    animals, and I remember making these and telling my mother to buy me more.

2. Favorite craft you have ever made?
    My first letterpress print!  I made it at Cooper Union where I was taking a course. It was a print with
    lots of H's. I had worked at an advertisement agency and their business card was letter pressed, and I
    remember always being interested in it, and liking it. And then I did this course, and I loved it.

3. Favorite material to work with?
    Cotton papers. I print most of my things on cotton paper, because it gives a really nice, deep

4. Inspiring words you like?
    I've always printed what inspires me. Like "smile," or "be nice to people." When you are working
    with people, or really anywhere, you have to be nice. It is what my mom used to tell me. It is what
    my parents taught me and what I follow.

5. Favorite color?
    Sea foam green and yellow. I like to print with these colors.

6. Coffee or tea?
    This is a tough question because I love both. I drink coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon

7. Mountains or beach?
    The beach. The bay is right where I grew up.

8. Where do you find inspiration?
     I guess everywhere. On my daily walks, street art. Before my baby was born, I used to work in a
     very different manner. Now that she is here, it has been different, but she has also been an
     inspiration. I did her birth announcement and since then I've wanted to create some greeting cards in
     the same style.

9. What do you collect?
     Awww so many collections! I have a Pez candy dispensers, snowballs, dauschahunds, Star Wars
     figures. Many of the things I have received from friends that know I'm collecting. I'm trying not to
    collect so much now.

10. What do you like to make that you haven't yet?
      I would like to try die-cuts with my letterpress. I would also love to try a pottery class one day.

To see more of Hijiri's work, take a look at her shop.

*Thank you so much Hijiri for showing me your work space and for finding the time to meet me, it really meant a lot!



  1. que bacano lo que hace....... y que aspera vos con tus invitados

    1. Si, a mi me encanta el trabajo que hace! Es sencillo pero creo que esa es la mejor razón!


    1. Divina la pared no? Es super lindo ese espacio!

  3. Thank you so much for featuring me and Heartfish Press on your lovely blog, Giova!!! It was really nice meeting you, we all enjoyed your company :) Thank you thank you!

    1. It was so nice of you for inviting me into your beautiful home!! I loved seeing al of your work!


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