Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bookstore where art thou?

The bookstore were we (my sister, nephews, mom...etc) used to go to for inspiration, for research, for fun, for a children's corner, for tea...for a change of atmosphere for God's sake! IS NO LONGER THERE! And guess what? There is no bookstore insight! As you all know by now, I'm in Miami and will be for a little while longer; I've never been one to love this city, even though I like the weather, the beach, palm trees, good Colombian food... There are too many things I will never understand, and this: will be added to that long list. I feel so sad and impotent, and to think that in New York at least you get options, there is a 'every magazine' shop on every corner, the Strand, several well located Barnes & Noble, small bookstores with personality...I could go on and on! 
Miami is definitely a place for malls and shopping, sadly the shopping part doesn't include any books! 

I will keep on wondering to see if maybe I'll understand. Appreciating the beautiful palm trees and the mesmerizing ocean accompanied by this almost perfect weather. Good thing I'm painting and sewing to keep me sane...PATIENCE is really a virtue. Isn't it the saddest to find out your spot to 'unwind and get inspired' has closed?

Wishing you bright and warm days ahead!

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  1. YO NO SE SI MORIRME DE RABIA O ROMPER A LLORAR... ES DEFINITIVAMENTE TRISTE. Y LO PEOR. ASUSTADOR!!!! Yo no se donde vamos a parar............ No se como y donde quejarnos. O a quien. Triste!!!! TRISTE!!!!!!


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