Thursday, December 27, 2012

More Christmas Presents

My son, husband and sister without knowing decided on a similar gift to give me. The letter G in different fonts! I've never been attracted to the first letter of my name, I actually like other letters so much better than my own. And even though I have never bought any "G's" for myself,  I've gotten many for  a friend whose initial is the letter "H," I think she now has quite a collection.

I'm liking this little collection very much though, what do you think? Do you like your own initial?
The G on the cup was designed by Arne Jacobsen, the others I'm not sure!
Hoping you got many cute presents!


  1. ............ en mi casa hay tres !!! "G" o "g" ........... Que tal? Suave y fuerte. Pues si.

  2. My surname starts with a G as well but I'm more fond of the J or FF (the end of my surname). Very cool that your loved ones all bought you a G! Love the Arne Jacobsen cups!!

    1. J is a cool letter, but Juan doesn't have any Js around the house ;) Now it is just a bunch of Gs!


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