Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Not to be confused with pepernoten, says Wikipedia. Last year I didn't dare go near this things (they looked like dog food to me, and they had them in every counter of every store). Now I can't contain myself and I'm eating them as if they were pop-corn, and no, there is no vegetable involved in the making of this hard little cookies. I didn't want to add more foods to my repertoire of Christmas traditions.
So here I have another bag in case you are curious as to how this cookies taste.  Leave a comment and where to reach you so I can send this along with a surprise present. How does that sound? Do leave a comment otherwise I will have to eat this bag too!

They taste better than they look. I don't promise you will love them. But do tell me if you do?
OK, so that is it. Oh, and randomly I will choose 1 persons on friday the 7th! Oh, and yes I will send this anywhere. Madagascar? Yes!

Have a good one!


  1. I love chocolate pepernoten! And they now have this new thing, truffle pepernoten which are even more delicious. But very, very bad for you with all the sugar and uncontrollable urge to eat the whole bag :P

    I'm not a fan of the pepernoten or kruidnoten from the baker though, too fancy for me. But they are absolutely delicious and easy to make yourself :) you should try it sometimes! There are tons of recipes out there.

  2. Me gustan las galletas. Y con mucha azucar, o poca. Cargadas de chocolate o mantequilla. Recargadas de adornos o colores o brillos, SIEMPRE SON UN ARTE FABRICARLAS Y UN GUSTO SABOREARLAS!!!!


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