Monday, December 10, 2012

Dia de las Velitas

My sister suggested I explain a bit about the 'Day of the Candles' celebration, just in case you were curious after you saw the 8th advent calendar. It is a celebration that occurs on December 7th and it is a big deal for us Colombians. We look forward to this beautiful day/night not only because it marks the beginning of Christmas, but also because it is one more day of the calendar to spend together just lighting candles. We light packages and packages of candles outside our homes, mostly thinking about the Virgin and also to be thankful. It is a beautiful tradition carried on by generations. It is on the eve of the Immaculate Conception, so it is quite a catholic celebration but in my mind it is more about a chance to celebrate being together with your family.

When we were little we enjoyed this day a lot, because we got to stay up until late and also to light candles which I think it is the only day we were allowed to be near them,  we also went for a ride to look at other people's candles. The whole city looks beautiful and illuminated with everyones candles outside.  And then there is also the great food involved, because when December comes our typical food is even better (the food deserves a post by itself, so wait for it!).

How was your weekend?



  1. Que no se "mueran" las TRADICIONES. Que sigan siempre. Uniendo FAMILIAS. Abriendo puertas de AMOR, AMISTAD, UNION!!!! Siempre tendremos un motivo para dar gracias. Siempre una "oportunidad" de pedir y ser escuchados.

  2. Si recuerdo las velitas en las tablas de la cama en todas las cuadras ... todo cambia pero sigue siendo una bonita tradición :)


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