Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Crafty People Series #8 - Masaaki Oyamada

I met today's crafty person for the first time at Inside Design Amsterdam while he was stamping postcards with his handmade stamps. So the other day I found the postcard I got, and decided to contact him, and well, he said yes, and so here he is.
Masaaki Oyamada is a brilliant stamp artist. Not only can you tell from his work the passion for his craft but also how immensely happy it makes him.  I mentioned before that I was meeting him at Friday Next but that day he was interviewing me and not the other way around, for his Nice to Stamp You project. I found this project particularly interesting as the questions were quite deep in a way and so the final result is a stamp of a bit of who you are. Anyway here is his wonderful work!

He started making stamps 10 years ago. He always thought the people in the architecture sketches were interesting to look at, and so he made a stamp about this people and left the picture on his website. Awhile ago someone contacted him  about wanting a similar stamp, and so he made it (the one above) but the person didn't want it anymore. That is how he got started and he is a bit glad he still has his first stamp!

1. First crafty memory?
    I remember building a birdhouse with my grandfather, I must have been around 6, and so he
    probably  must have done most of the work, but I remember being so proud and happy about it. My
    grandfather also gave me my first camera.

2. Favorite craft you have ever made?
    The first thing that comes to my mind is the birdhouse. I also remember a sort of fitness machine I did
    during my architecture studies, it was made with recycled wood, and it turned out to be something
    else than what I had in my mind. It was perfect for something else that I hadn't plan. It happens with
    stamps, the unexpected!

3. Favorite material to work with?
    Paper. I like it because it feels like a part of me.

4. Inspiring words you like?
    Something that my mother said to me many years ago has stuck to me. Kanarazu koukai surukara 
    jibun de kimeru. I need to make my own decisions otherwise I will regret it.

5. Favorite color?
    Yellow, and black and white together, because of the strong message, less musical, like looking at

6. Coffee or tea?
    Since 2 years ago when we had our son, it has been mainly coffee. Before it was tea with my wife.
    Tea is very social.

7. Mountains  or beach?
    Mountains. It is where I grew up. I didn't realize this when I was little but now every time I go back I
    feel more me there.

8. Where do you find inspiration?
    From people. They make me happy. If I were to be alone, I would never make anything. The nice
    to stamp you project is because of this, my interest in people. Also nature but that is where I am more
    me, not so much about the mind.

9. What do you collect?
    I try not to! But I like nature things like wood and stones.

10. What do you like to make that you haven't yet?
      I would like to make my own house.

For all information regarding Masaaki's work and projects go to his website.
Thank you so much Masaaki for sharing a bit of your work , it has been very inspiring!


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  1. Estos orientales son "encantadores".......... Esas manos, esas tecnicas esa manera de considerar "las artes".... Y toma cafe!!!!


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