Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Houses in Miami

Some people here in Miami really go out of their way to decorate and illuminate their homes. I think it is the perfect time of year to have the excuse of going a bit overboard. Plus it is warm and the chances of any snow are very, very slim. It is really nice to drive around since there are so many beautifully lighted houses all over the place. It makes me very happy to find them, see them, and I find it mesmerizing how much time was spent to create such whimsical entrances! There were so many that here are just a few of my favorite ones.

Wish everybody would do this, if only for one day it would look like a winter wonderland. How far out did you go with your Christmas lights and decorations this year?

Wishing you a happy weekend from warm and tropical Miami!


  1. Vivir esta temporada, plena de luces y escenarios magicos, es incleible!!! Cada quien se esmera por hacer lo mejor...........

  2. Wow the illuminated candy canes are stunning! They're all pretty classy, not as kitschy as they are where I live ;) And I really like illuminated palm trees! Did you find any in Miami?

    1. Oh illuminated palm trees are my favorite! Did you see these?
      And of course there was a lot of kitschy illuminations but I guess there were so many to choose from that they didn't make the cut ;)


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