Monday, December 3, 2012

BoxX Shop

I got invited to this event by my next "crafty series person" which I won't even show you pictures of his work this time because I don't want to spoil the surprise. And then by an Etsy friend, Aljona. And since I love all things craft and handmade I was there quite promptly on saturday.
This is a once in a year event at the Lloyd Hotel and organized by Nest Project, that gives the opportunity to crafters to show their work in a box. Imagine the size of a wine crate, and imagine having to edit your work so that it looks good and fits in the box.
I love seeing (as always) the amazing things people make, but I think the setting is too small for all the vendors and buyers plus the light was really terrible. You can't really appreciate all the things because it is way too crowded, the boxes all on top of each other, and people too!

How was your weekend? Any exciting, crafty things occurring in your part of the world?
Have an excellent week! And keep warm (it is snowing here today!).


  1. Para mi esos espacios son lo mejor. Tienen todo. Inspiran. Recrean. Levantan el animo. Espectacular!!! y los eventos, me imagino. Ahhhhhh

  2. Esta increible! Pero de verdad que se ve super apuchado!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing our event boxXshop...would you like to add the link of Nest Project?

    1. I've mentioned you now on the post, but I hope you had read it before, as I really thought it was too crowded making it difficult to appreciate the crafts! Thanks for stopping by!


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