Thursday, December 6, 2012

Art in Miami

In Miami, December arrives with Art Basel Miami Beach. Every year the first week and weekend in December is about art, parties and all related events. It is no longer about what goes on in Miami Beach, but what goes on in the Design District, Wynwood etc etc. So to start the show nothing better than a Vanity Fair opening party with the artist Bill Viola at the MoCa in North Miami. He does video art and even though there was a lot of people and it was very hard to appreciate the pieces, if you took the time with just one it was definitely worth it! It was like watching a slow motion opera, the characters move so slowly it becomes incredibly dramatic...but in the most subtle way, beautiful!

the artist!
*magazines to take with you; full party with "Paradise" by Jack Pierson.

Looking forward to all things ART this week! 

Have a great day!

PS.  Bernardo, thank you for inviting me to a great party.  


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