Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Girl Crush: Pema Chodron

Oh my girl crushes! Yes its a funny term as my sister previously mentioned, but ask any of us girls and we all have them. I was thinking about my very long list of them and decided to start with Pema. Yes, I like to call her by her first name (her first name is Ani) as if we are already the closest of friends. I feel as though she's been with me through thick and thin, and been there guiding me every step of the way (which way I'm not entirely sure). The first book of hers that I read (and its still my favorite of hers) was "When things fall apart", it is a book that I keep on my night stand with the rest of her books. They are all highlighted and have basically turned into those 'quote books' that you open for answers or lessons, or just words of hope when all she is telling me is to 'abandon hope'. Funny enough I was introduced to her by none other than my sister. My sister happens to be the person I go to for book recommendations (and for many other things, but we are talking about books!). And so, thats how my Pema girl crush really started!

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 I wish I could invite her for tea!  I wouldn't even ask her anything...I would just listen. Since I'm away from all the books that I usually have in hand, I went on and bought "Practicing peace in times of war". Its really amazing how just by reading her, my problems melt away. Weird things are happening: Sandy, Election Day, big moons, mood swings hahaha!!! Its wonderful to have someone that can give you a little (or a lot) perspective.
Thank you Pema Chodron! I admire you deeply. 


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  1. Es MUCHO lo que tenemos para aprender!!!!!! DEVOCION Y OBLIGACION!!! y... ......... ................... Tambien!!!!!!!!!!


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