Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Granny Chic Book

It finally arrived! I pre-ordered from Amazon awhile ago, and on Halloween's day it arrived. So after handing out candy to masses of children (and eating some myself), cleaning up my uni-brow, and taking advantage of the sugar high I looked inside it in expectation. I loved the Dottie Angel book so much, I was a bit nervous with this one. -Please book; Don't disappoint me, let me like as you as much as the other one-. And trusting Dottie's and (this time with partner) Ted & Agnes granny chicness I knew it will all be alright.

Some things I will make, others I think I will make but most probably won't, and others I simply know it is way out of my league (like upholstering a chair). Nonetheless it is a beautiful book, filled with pages and pages of inspiration. So if your thing is thrifting, fabrics and sewing this is the right book for you!
I was starting to get a bit nervous because the book wasn't arriving, and it had started to pop up everywhere. Even Grazia UK edition has a whole feature on the book!
Also in The Simple Things issue 2 there is a sneak peak!
I like it simply because I like books and I like everything she does. I follow her blog but printed things in my hands are way better than screen time. Last year for Christmas I gave my mom the Dottie Angel book. This year Granny Chic will be on its way! Are you already thinking about Christmas presents? Or you leave everything to the last minute?

Have a lovely Sunday!


  1. Christmas gifts! The time has come.. I really enjoy the Chirstmas gift season but, at the same time, I suffer it a lot. I take it too serious this thing of offering something to someone. I have the believe that this has to be meaningful. It is not just about getting a pair of socks. I like to find the right gift for each person (I'm happy the list of gifts to buy is not huge) and that consumes a lot of my brains.
    Here in London the Xmas lights are on and that really puts me on the mood. Today, I am going out for my first shopping session of the season!

  2. Ay!!! que divinidades..........


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