Friday, October 5, 2012

Weaving Bracelets

Guess whose a proffessional card loom weaver? ME! hahaha I wish! But I did spend a lovely afternoon with a master and made my very first bracelet, woohoo!!!
I will very soon introduce you to my amazing teacher, but I'm just so excited of this experience that I needed to share right away. Card loom weaving goes way back in time...instead of using a loom you thread through cards and turn the cards to weave the threads together. Its not as simple as it sounds, but I assure you that with a little math and patience it becomes something fantastic! You start by choosing the colors of the threads and making the design on paper, then you thread the cards according to the pattern and with a little- A LOT of help from the teacher you start turning the cards and counting...two hours later (more like 3!) you have a beautiful, magical, never expected it was going to turn out this way, bracelet!!!
Wishing you a creative weekend! Hopefully this has inspired you into making wonderful things! Next week you'll get to "meet" the teacher!



  1. Esa "parafernalia" simple para unos resultados tan bellos..... Facil no se ve
    pero hay que hacer el intento. Quedo pendiente!!!

  2. Fantastic, Giova! We have to retire near each much to learn from you!

    1. Thank you Peggy! Only you'll have to see my sister about that, being that she is the one learning this in Cali!

  3. Gianni...............haceme uno pues!!!!! andas por estos lados???? Pau


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