Thursday, October 25, 2012

Baby Shower

My good friend will be adding a baby boy to our big family of friends. We are all so excited! I had been telling her that as soon as I came back to NY, I would be throwing a baby shower for her!
She offered to make the invitations (she happens to be a great graphic designer) so I said yes with the one condition that I would do everything else! Of course I got help from my sister who sent the two beautiful buntings that decorated the party and my mom helped me with the fabric bags for the party favors. The rest of the decorations I bought, plus her mom- who came as a surprise, brought the cookies which she made! 

Ceci and I showing the delicious cookies!
Its all about the details! Add beautiful buntings and voila!

The menu was all about snacking- pandebonos, plantain chips with guacamole, arepitas with hogao, green salad...and the sweet ones were caramel-cheddar popcorn, chocolate-banana muffins. 
We had a wonderful afternoon. I was totally excited because in the end the mom-to-be loved each and everything!



  1. Todo se ve divino. Una tarde linda y feliz.....

  2. Super cute! A true baby bunting party! Those cookies are cute too! I always wonder if they taste as good as they look...

    1. The cookies tasted delicious but one is enough because the sugary painting is super sweet!

  3. Que belleza todo Gianni...........Paula


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