Friday, September 7, 2012

Palm Trees

I've forgotten how many different palm trees there can be. They're not very popular in New York although there are a lot of types of palm trees that can manage in temperatures of -20F! There can be the occasional palm tree that you spot at someone's garden or a restaurant but never like in Miami! It could easily be called Palm City (yeah right) they're literally everywhere! And quite beautiful may I add...

 Lately I'm very inspired by how their outline changes as the sun progresses in its daily routine. I'm very intrigued by their differences and for the many flowers and fruits they produce.
Another obsession I guess. Those circumstantial obsessions that I happen to love because they make my days much more exciting!
So, how many different palm trees have you spotted lately? And what are your plans for the weekend? I'm painting with a deadline (which is so much fun)! And my sister is super excited to be going to this craft fair!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Plans for the weekend!!! Going back to Italy to catch up the last spots of sun. Escaping from London -a palmless city- at the beginning of the autumn to get the most out of the summer is even sexy.

    1. woohoo!!! That sounds amazing!!! Oh la bella Italia!!! Have lots of fun in the sun...and if you spot any italian palm trees take pictures ;)

  2. Testigos imponentes que ondean y cantan al viento........ Fascinantes!!! Me gustan esas fotos.

  3. En Paraguay hay muchos tipos de palmas, la más común, es exótica en Colombia. Hay inmensos bosques de palmas en el chaco… bosques poseedores de un misterio de tono poético. En mi casa… hay una palma panameña y otra cubana… mmmm una me da cocos verdes y la otra amarillos. :D

  4. Virgi suena a que vivis en un paraiso! Tengo que ir a visitarte para que pasiemos y me mostres todas esas maravillas!

  5. jajajaja si!!!!!! podemos hacer de mis cocos cocadas... o chancacas!


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