Thursday, September 20, 2012

There is still time

We were thinking of giving away two tickets for an exotic location, but then we thought better and harder.
And we came up with 3 chances to win a really cool, one of a kind moleskine sketch book!!
Isn't it a millions times better? Mosquitoes won't bite you here or pouring rain won't disturb your perfectly styled hair! See? Just play along, leave a comment with your dream destination, or if you have already been there then tell us your favorite city in the whole wide world!

Giova & Gianni


  1. Neat give away! At this time my dream destination would be Halifax, Canada so that I could go hang out with my 90 year old grandmother.

  2. jajajaja I wanna go to Thailand!!!!

  3. Pues yo? Vuelvo a PRAGA mil veces................


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