Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Using my hands to create things only started at the beginning of this year thanks to Dottie Angel's book. Then I discovered Mollie Makes, in particular issue #7 with all these cute embroidery ideas (see picture below). I went on to do little crochet buntings with embroidered words on them which I now sell on Etsy. And lately I've been posting a weekly embroidery on our Facebook page. For those of you who do not follow, here is what I've been doing lately.

 The issue of Mollie Makes that gets all the blame!
 My first embroideries on handkerchiefs.
 As you can tell, I love words!
 And lyrics of songs, especially 80's music!
I love The Cure!

May you find inspiration wherever you look!


  1. This reminds me of traditional art from my parents' country Serbia. My grandma used to have lots of embroideries at home. Lovely inspiration!

    1. I hope you still have some of your grandma's crafts, and maybe one day you can show me? I think my grandchildren (that is, in the far future for now) will just laugh at my choice in music!!

  2. AY!!! si. Me fascina. Es divino..........

  3. Your embroideries are truly inspiring!
    :) Puk

    1. Thank you so much!!! I really like doing this, what ever it is, it relaxes me!


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