Thursday, August 2, 2012


What is it about doors and endless hallways and pathways that make your mind wonder further into the story line that goes on in your unconscious mind (?) I find that more than beauty its actually a fantastical subject because of what it could turn into...the possibility of something being never ending or the obvious 'opening the doors to the unknown'. In the end, its all a matter of seeing past what your looking at. Curiosity? Daydreaming? Hopefulness?

 Mind you, this "worlds" exist only for a moment (it is quite difficult to not have people in them). When your mind is exhausted with the daily struggles, it is inspiring to have a moment to breath and recharge. And then you turn around and find yourself staring at a "mirage"...!

We are all so busy with everything that is going on around us, that we forget about nurturing our mind. Stop. Enjoy?

Have a wonderful day!


  1. uuyy me like very mucho todas esas fotos!!!

  2. Me encanta este trabajo. Caminaderos, recovecos, puertas abiertas y cerradas... Que bueno. Me encantaron estas fotos!!!!!

  3. Todas las tome entre Kassel y Berlin! Gracias!


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