Friday, August 31, 2012

dOCUMENTA 13 - the finale

I hope you've enjoyed a little bit of dOCUMENTA via pictures. I can't emphasize enough in how wonderful it would be to give you the sense of it all with some sort of magic technology. I guess this will have to suffice for now. My final selection consists of the installations at Karlsaue Park; Weinbergterrassen; Orangerie; and the North Wing at Hauptbahnhof. These are the art pieces I keep thinking about, they raised a lot of questions for many reasons. I really liked some of them, but mostly they just pushed the imaginary boundaries I sometimes built without noticing.
*top right: George Bures Miller and Janet Cardiff's sound installation in the middle of the forest was incredible!!!
*bottom left: "Reflection Room" by Marcos Lutyens- we had a hypnosis session with him!
*bottom left: the one and only William Kentridge with his astounding "The Refusal of Time" sound/video installation.
I think as soon as you encounter something your immediate reaction is the one that counts the most, but I've also learned with (a lot) of time that sometimes you need to look at things and allow that immediate reaction to be a little more flexible... One of the things I appreciated most about dOCUMENTA was that there was room for everything! And everything: the more you looked at it, stayed with it, understood it, or thought about it made sense. Not the normal sense but sense as in getting the idea without having to read too much about it!

dOCUMENTA: see you in 5 years! It was inspiring, amazing and totally worth it meeting you!


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  1. Por Dios!!!!!! Que maravilla!!!!!! Nos pones a ser parte importante de esta SUPER MUESTRA. GRACIAS!!!! Que oportunidad tan inmensa para ti y para todos los que podemos "ver tus pasos"...............


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