Monday, August 6, 2012

Chiuso Per Ferie

Have you ever been to Italy around summer and stumbled upon sign after sign saying "chiuso per ferie?" Well, it means that the business has closed for vacation! Every year, starting from July until August Italians just put the sign up and disappear from their cities! And that is exactly where this little blog is going, on a vacation! I hope you miss us (usually that is why time apart is good idea), and we leave you with the image of what we'll be looking at in the next days!

We hope you have a wonderful time (wherever you are), and we'll see you back here in a week or so!
Giova & Gianni.

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  1. Ahh...... jajaja!!!! si supieras que............... Pero se van a extranar todas esas 'ESPECIALIDADES". Que el regreso sea pronto. Esperamos todos!!!!!!

  2. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa agosto 3 sept 3 mmmmmmmmm la rata italiana le sale a florecer jajajajajaja

    1. jaja la sangre sale porq sale!! por las buenas o por las malas!!


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