Monday, June 18, 2012

Prague Part 2

We decided to stay near the train station for convenience (we only stayed for 2 days). So if you don't stay near this area, make sure to visit the historical part of it because it's really charming! After walking through Václavské námêstí (Wenceslas Square) and some smaller streets filled with marionette shops, Czech glass, amber and garnet jewelry and the very many souvenir shops…you arrive at the Old Town City Hall and Astronomical clock. This clock is like no other you have ever seen and it’s a must! Continue heading left or to where the signs say Karluv Most and you’ve made it to Charles Bridge. It’s filled with people and its very touristy, but there’s a reason to that, its wonderful!!! With all of its saints and very wide walkway, and its shade of grey adds a beautiful contrast to the river and Mala Strana and the Hradcany in the horizon. The Prague castle gives you a sense of what the city stands for and it also gives you the chance to admire the city from another (high up in the mountain) point of view. I could go on and on (Prague's baby Jesus, National TheatreJewish Quarter...)  because I love walking everywhere and Prague is really walkable, even if the weather is not nice. I would also suggest you take a boat ride, the bridges are lovely and the views of both sides of the city from the water add dimension to the already multi-dimensional Prague!

I hope you've enjoyed Prague in a nutshell. I certainly did!!


  1. Como un sueno!!!!! Siempre!!! Un sueno!!!!............

  2. You have a point in that Prague is beautiful. Incredibly beautiful. It is also true that is walkable and that is so important!. However, I am still under the feeling that it lacks a soul. It is like a city-museum. You get to see very nice things but I can't breath its soul. It might be a matter of taste: I am into cities with strong personalities! I really look forward to your arrival in Berlin. That is what I call strong personality.
    Did you take the pics? They are wonderful and they show, indeed, Prague's beauty.

  3. I did take the pictures! I'm happy you liked them!...I'm in Berlin now! I'll be in the look out for the "strong personality"...Always appreciative of your comments, thank you!


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