Monday, April 30, 2012

Sunday Art

The Andrew Freedman Home was built for the “elderly rich that lost their fortunes”.
It is a beautiful mansion in the Bronx. It is piece-by-piece falling apart and it has this eerie feeling throughout its entirety.There is an art exhibition going on that touches all the nostalgic and contradicting issues this house has represented for the past decades. A bunch of what used to be the residents rooms are now art installations, and though the place feels quite scary for lack of a better word, the artists have done an amazing job at transforming and adding a sense of reason to what this mansion embodies.
It was very interesting and fascinating, a lovely Sunday outing. 
These 6 rooms were the ones that I liked the most: the red and black pyramids titled 'Reflections' by How and Nosm; the faux gold leaf room titled 'Then and There' by Cheryl Pope; Federico Uribe's everything relief wallpaper; Scherezade Garcia upside down room titled 'The formerly rich'; Daze's colorful installation 'Furthur'; Gian Maria Tosatti 'Spazio #05'. 


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