Monday, April 23, 2012


This is the story of a potato!
I'm always excited about planting. My friends joke about it because I'm constantly in the look out for anything that can grow. I'll look for a way of planting it in a jar or a pot and seeing the many things that happen while this wonderful seeds and in this case a tuber, are blossoming and taking root! 
I never thought I would plant a potato and that it would grow to such an extent. I first put it in a tiny jar never knowing that later it would be so super tight that I would have to break it, in order to replant it. I was so nervous of replanting it because the potato seemed so happy in that tiny jar. Once it got moved it couldn't be happier since it has been growing non-stop. Its surprising to see that everyday there are new leaves, new sprouts...I've been reading about it and I'm very excited because there will also be flowers to look forward to! Who knows what the future holds for Mrs. Potato...I'm just really grateful I've been able to see it grow...and grow... Its funny how these little things make you realize we are always growing...changing... and evolving!



  1. Me encanta !!! Que increible!!! Como crece... Verde que te quiero verde........ AY!!!


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