Monday, April 16, 2012

Magazine Roundup #1

I was thinking about blogging and the reasons for it as my first post, but then I changed my mind, which happens more often than I would like to admit. So in a year, (if I haven't changed my mind about blogging), I figure I'll like to look back and see one of my favorite things of all ...MAGAZINES!!  The liking/loving of magazines doesn't change only the favorites of the moment. Buying them, looking through them, reading, absorbing, contemplating, admiring, and so on.  I love the paper, the discoveries I make in each, the worlds they open to, and the commitment they require (which can be a little or a lot depending on you or the magazine).
So these would be the four I would pick in case of an imminent fire: Anthology, Mollie Makes, Uppercase, Selvedge

Happy reading & discovering,



  1. Whaooo que lindas sospresas se encuentra uno en el cyber, muyy chevere su blog !

    Disfrute mucho las fotos, los textos (me toco usar traductor jejeje)

    Espero seguir viendo el proceso, y que no se cansen, al final se vuelve como un diario donde compartes solo lo que les guste, las quiero mucho, saludes al resto de familia :)


    1. Uyyy chucho, nuestro primer lector!! Que bien!! Llevaremos esto un día al tiempo a ver como nos va. Visitanos de vez en cuando, bueno? Un abrazo!


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